Bitcoin is considered digital gold

Bitcoin digital gold

Bitcoin is considered digital gold by many, and this may have its roots in both its value as an asset and possibly because it shares the term ‘mining’ with the metal to refer to the generation (or ‘discovery’) of new units. You can get Bitcoin in three ways:

Buy existing tokens with fiat money,
Receive tokens by exchanging goods and services, or
“Mine” to them.
Although not as spectacular as gold mining, Bitcoin mines are not equally reliable and highly profitable.

Bitcoin mining is done by solving complex cryptographic puzzles, and the chances of a computer successfully solving 1 in 13 trillion puzzles. It is about as hard as gold. Bitcoin mines have two uses:

Someone is creating new Bitcoin tokens too

Another strengthening of the security of transactions taking place in the Bitcoin network. Certified transactions are then included in a public book called a blockchain.
There are people who are dedicated to the mines, so-called “miners” who earn the rewards of digging a new token and are also paid to secure a transaction. With only 21 million bitcoins ever mined, earnings are reduced once every four years due to a shortage of new tokens. There are two jobs a miner has to do to win prizes –

One guarantees a 1 MB transaction, commonly referred to as a “block,” which can be anything from 1 in one transaction to a few thousand based on how much data is stored.
The second task is to add a single block of innovations to the blockchain by solving a complex mathematical problem, which can be called computational guesswork. Computers come with a 64-digit random hexadecimal number, called a “hash,” which should resemble a target hash in order to successfully complete mining.

Oh, it doesn’t end here. Despite the fact that it is a very difficult task to dig up Bitcoins, you need to be the first to do it among the millions of miners trying. This is why it is important to use a very fast computer, its hash production rate is high. The difficulty level of the mines is also adjusted at least twice a week so that the mines do not disappear.

Now that you know the basics of Bitcoin mining, you can learn its sophisticated technology and move on, and maybe become a miner yourself. There are 120 more years to dig the last Bitcoin, after which no new tokens can be made unless the agreements change. Now will be the right time to get into it! For more information click on the website here SINGAPORE DIGITAL EXCHANGE PTE LTD (

Tips for Digital Gold

With the current price of Bitcoin rising, it is expected that the value of this coin will increase several times in the future, so Bitcoin is now called Digital Gold. You will find a lot of information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on our website.