Singapore Digital Exchange customers will earn a referrals reward, paid in BPX tokens when they refer new customers to the exchange. The amount of BPX tokens they are paid depends on three variables: how many people they refer, the referees’ daily trading volume, and the referrers’ daily trading volume.

The referrers earn their rewards when those they have referred place trades. They will then receive a commission based on all trading fees incurred by their referees if they meet the trading volume requirements. The payout percentage to the referrers will be based on the net commission fees received from their referees.


TierPayout %Trade ConditionAlternate Condition
120%Referrer must trade at least 100% or more of the value traded by the Referee OR

The referrer must have at least 50 referred users that are active* for the particular trade month.

*Active is defined as, a user/trader having at least 1 trade for the particular trade month.

210%Referrer must trade at least 50% or more of the value traded by the Referee 
35%Referrer must trade at least 25% or more of the value traded by the Referee 

– If a Referrer executes less than 25% of trades in value, as compared to the person he or she referred, the referrer will not get any commission.

– Payout percentage is based on the net commission fee received from the Referee. For example, a Referee who uses BPX tokens and entitled to the 40% discount, the payout will be based on the commission net of the discount.

– To determine trade volume, all trades will be converted to BTC for both Referrer and Referee to enable the comparison of trade volume done by both parties to meet the condition of the payout.

– Referral fees are not perpetual. Therefore, there will be an expiry date set at 12 months for the referee for the purpose of computing the referral fees. For example, if a referee registers on 1 January 2019, the computation of the Referral fees will only apply to this referee up till 31 December 2019.

– The referrer commission fee is computed by calendar Month. The fee is calculated on the 1st day of the following calendar month and is to be released within 7 days.