Cryptocurrency Investments: Tips and Tricks to Maximum your Returns


Making grass when the sun shines is a sign of a professional trader. But not everyone can recognize all the signs seen by Japanese candles. To understand the strength of cryptocurrency, you have to be patient to stop until you find a storm. That is the 1st part of the story. Once you have investigated the coin, you find some tricks to make money with cryptocurrency platforms in Singapore. Let’s sneak a peek at those tricks.


Cryptocurrency offers a convenient way to walk on a gold-paved road. Purchase and sale of the same goods in different markets. Arbitrage exists because of market inefficiency, and as a result, it helps you to reap the benefits from the diminished difference in the number of assets listed.

To make the meaning more understandable, think of it this way. If any seller buys any stock, commodity, or type of money at a certain price and at the same time sells goods purchased in a different market at a higher price it is known as arbitrage. It creates a harmless opportunity for traders to make a profit. Cryptocurrency investing in India is risky, but it is difficult to profit from market price failures due to technological advances. It’s all just a small matter of cutting your thumb with your middle finger. If the opportunity arises you open a profit, otherwise you will lose your head.

Trade for Two

It is a trading strategy to match a long position with a short position within two shares in a high connection. where the market goes. For example, you want to buy BTC / LTC and imagine that you have both cash in your hand and BTC in your wallet. Of course, one can buy LTC using fiat currency, that is, USD, but what is profitable here you should know. On the day you consider buying LTC, the price of BTC goes up by 10%, but that of LTC remains the same. In this case, if you buy LTC using BTC, not USD, you can buy LTC 10% more than you would by using a straight dollar trade. These strategies are highly profitable for cryptocurrency investing in India or around the world.


To understand the concept of flexibility, let’s choose Bitcoin. But first, let’s start with the definition. Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersal of given protection or market indicator. In other words, volatility refers to unpredictability in terms of the size of the security value change. In most cases, the height of the fluctuations is very dangerous to safety. By this, we mean that the value of security can be propagated over a very wide range of values; this means that the price of the collateral can change significantly in the short term in any way. Low flexibility means that the amount of protection will not change much and is usually stable. For example, you are planning your retirement portfolio. You want a stable market with the same return. He arranges the two stocks as follows:

Stock A has a beta coefficient of .93 which makes it relatively volatile.

Stock B has a beta coefficient of 1.63, which makes it highly volatile.

Which will you choose? Yes, you got it right. Flexible stock will help you achieve solid benefits even if you choose Singapore Digital Exchange.