What exactly is a dash? Why did it start?

dash coin

Since the end of December 2016 when Bitcoin reached a record $ 1000, investments in cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed. Between December 2006 and July 2017, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency grew more than 500% to reach $ 110 billion.

The same way information and content are categorized is the same as what happens to the money. However, Bitcoin was only the forerunner of digital currency, so it showed serious flaws. The basic shortcomings of Bitcoin have failed to adequately resolve anonymous and confidential transactions. These errors have led to a new type of cryptocurrency like Dash. In this post, we bring you a complete update on Dash.

Dash is designed with the core design of Bitcoin and code but has special add-ons intended to enhance fast and secure transactions. So, like Bitcoin, Dash is an open-source platform that integrates blockchain, social, and wallet infrastructure. However, it is very different from the first one because it has less money to buy. Its dedicated budget and management model have made it the first platform with a fully separate and independent structure.

Dash was founded in January 2014 by Evan Duffie. Duffie, the app developer, used the knowledge and experience from Bitcoin to build a stronger platform. Initially, he released Cryptocurrency with the name XCon which later changed to Dark coin before taking on the current name, Dash.

Duffield became interested in Bitcoin in 2010 and developed a special connection with blockchain technology. However, he found that Bitcoin was slow and confidential as many clients expect. Although he had good ideas for improving the privacy and speed of Bitcoin users, key developers would not allow him.

Dash’s main goal is to provide 18 million coins by the year 2300 (these are about 5-6 generations from now). Currently, Dash distribution has reached 7.4 million. Dash blockchain has a digging time of two and a half minutes making it 4 times faster compared to Bitcoin.

Dash market revenue reached $ 1.5 billion in 2017 making it the 7th most important Cryptocurrency.

Dash is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the world. By adopting some of the latest technologies that fill the gaps created by other cryptocurrencies in the world, many people find it easier to use and use Dash without having to worry about common currency fluctuations. Despite this, it is important that the blockchain deals with the attacks of DDOs that constantly attack master nodes in order to gain greater love for Singapore Digital Exchange.