What is Bytecoin Cryptocurrency?

Bytecoin Cryptocurrency

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, people have been forced to reconsider their fiat currency. As a pioneer in Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has identified major flaws. These gaps and the desire to make cryptocurrencies a reality every day have been the catalyst for the development of new currencies. One of these investments is ByteCoin Cryptocurrency.

ByteCoin is a blockchain platform founded in 2012 by Nicolas van Saberhagen. During its launch and a few months later, Cryptocurrency was introduced to 10 Satoshis. The price stopped in the years that followed until May 2017 when it rose abruptly and hit 109 Satoshi.

The main purpose of the founders of ByteCoin was to create a completely anonymous cryptocurrency. One important difference with other cryptocurrencies is that it was the first to use Crypto Note technology. This has led ByteCoin to be called an anonymous cryptocurrency.

To ensure that ByteCoin cryptocurrency is completely different from BitCoin, it was named from the beginning. Although this could be considered a tire rejuvenation because blockchain technology had reached the market about 4 years earlier, the developers were able to operate independently. Money uses ring signatures and crypto addresses simultaneously. This has made it easier to separate ByteCoin and Bitcoin altogether. ByteCoin is marketed as an anonymous altcoin and business cryptocurrency.

Where Can You Buy and Sell Bytecoin in Singapore?

Cryptocurrency for Fun recommends purchasing Bytecoin at Singapore Digital Exchange. Singapore Digital Exchange is a widely used cryptocurrency wallet with built-in trading features. Users can store many coins, including Bytecoin, and offer Quick Delivery or your coins right into your account.

Free and fast international payment

This is one of the most important features of ByteCoin cryptocurrency. The blockchain network is as fast as your internet connection. Although there is a slight bend of about 120 seconds to get a guaranteed payment; ByteCoin is one of the fastest. For more info about ByteCoin please click the website here Singapore Digital Exchange.