Why Singapore Digital Exchange is the Best Bitcoin Wallet in Singapore

Best Bitcoin Wallet in Singapore

If one has to search for the Best bitcoin wallet in Singapore, it would certainly be Singapore Digital Exchange without any second thought. Singapore Digital Exchange is already the nation’s top cryptocurrency exchange platform out there. With a massive user base of over 5 million users, Singapore Digital Exchange offers trading in the top cryptocurrencies in Singapore such as BTC, ETH, XRP, TRON, SOL, ADA, DOGE, and over 100 other cryptocurrencies, which includes its official BPX Token.

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency or a pro, Singapore Digital Exchange is likely to be your top choice for the best bitcoin wallet if you’re enthusiastic about bitcoins and cryptocurrency trading.

Founded in 2017, Singapore Digital Exchange is the brainchild of Nishchal Shetty and Sidharth Menon and is Singapore’s most trusted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange. Singapore Digital Exchange has also built the globe’s first auto-order matching fiat P2P exchange. The stage is accessible as an application, and this large number of highlights consolidated makes it a genuinely convincing bitcoin wallet choice. Plus, Binance acquired Singapore Digital Exchange in 2019, putting it on the global crypto market map.

Now that we’re fairly confident about Singapore Digital Exchange as an entirely safe and legal trading platform and Bitcoin wallet to trade or host bitcoins, let’s do a deep dive and answer your question.

Advantages of Singapore Digital Exchange as a Bitcoin Wallet

Singapore Digital Exchange outshines when it comes to providing the most trusted and secure platform. Singapore Digital Exchange always does the most to stay the highly secured trading platform of the country through investing in frequent security audits. There’s inherent 2-factor confirmation, and the stage is evaluated exceptionally on a few security benchmarks. Below are a few more USPs that make the Singapore Digital Exchange wallet the best bitcoin wallet in Singapore.

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Range Beyond Bitcoin

Singapore Digital Exchange is a great Bitcoin wallet, but it supports more than a hundred different and great crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance Coin, and so on, in this manner provide clients with plenty of choices to pick and exchange! Many cryptocurrencies are paired with USDT.

Speedy Transactions

Singapore Digital Exchange handles millions of transactions daily, thanks to its quick order matching engine and infrastructure that’s both reliable and robust. From a Bitcoin wallet point of view, however – the feeling continues as before. Deposits and withdrawals are speedy and easy.

Accessibility to Advanced Tools Related to Trading

With the great efforts of the passionate and diligent team of Singapore Digital Exchange who makes sure to deliver the exact needs of their users, the platform brings all-important highlights, for example, outlining devices of TradingView and apparatuses to dissect and really look at the costs, alongside admittance to history through straightforward yet astonishing infographics. It’s honestly like you’re getting a full-fledged exchange platform in addition to your Bitcoin wallet!

Availability on Different Platforms

An easy to use Bitcoin wallet ought to be open from your telephone, PC, and wherever else. Singapore Digital Exchange offers its services on different platforms such as Web, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac applications, thus serving its huge user base all over seamlessly.

Easy and Simple Interface

This is one of the critical highlights in deciding the positivity of any incredible Bitcoin wallet or crypto wallet. With such a massive market in Singapore, there is an obvious need to have an easily navigable interface. The Bitcoin wallet can be worked by any sort of client, whether amateur or progressed, paying little mind to maturity or orientation. Singapore Digital Exchange seems to have this covered with its neat and quick interface that anyone can fall in love with.

Quick KYC Process

The best personality confirmation frameworks guarantee you complete your KYC within a brief time of joining, ensuring that the legitimate KYC convention is followed. Singapore Digital Exchange aims to incorporate robustness to minimize verification times.

BPX Tokens

The Singapore Digital Exchange ecosystem is based upon BPX, a utility token provided by Singapore Digital Exchange. BPX coins were made to cultivate a crypto local area and support new clients. The BPX coin has a restricted inventory of 1 billion coins.

With all these spectacular features, Singapore Digital Exchange has been doing the right thing for the crypto passionate people of Singapore. This Bitcoin Wallet is convenient and holds many excellent features on its belt to be favoured and loved by the masses. Singapore Digital Exchange is the best choice to diversify a portfolio. Singapore Digital Exchange has undoubtedly made the best efforts to be the best Bitcoin Wallet in Singapore.

How to set up a Bitcoin Wallet with Singapore Digital Exchange

1. Go to the Singapore Digital Exchange website and sign up.
2. A confirmation mail will be sent to you.
3. The link sent through check mail would be accessible just for a couple of moments so ensure you click on the connection shipped off you at the earliest opportunity.
4. The link will verify your email address successfully.
5. The next step is to set up security so select the option which is most suitable for you.
6. After setting up security, you get an option to either proceed with or without completing the KYC procedure.
7. After that, you would be coordinated to the Funds and Transfer page where you can begin keeping bitcoins in your wallet.
8. You can also deposit a dollar and then use it to buy Bitcoin for your Singapore Digital Exchange Bitcoin wallet.
9. Voila! Your Bitcoin Wallet is set up with Singapore Digital Exchange!